Women Investors Program

women investors


Your story. Your future.


Women will inherit an estimated $710 billion in money in motion in the decade ending 2026.1 90% of women will at some point in their lives be the sole decision-maker regarding their finances.2 80% of women switched advisors within a year of their spouse's death as a result of a weak client-advisor relationship.3

At TDAM, we recognize the great strides that women have made in all facets of life. However, we feel that they are greatly underserved in the wealth management industry and represent an important and unique opportunity for advisors.

  • By focusing on your female clientele, you may be laying the foundation for your success in the long term, as women stand to gain the bulk of money in motion through wealth transfer in the coming decade. Now that we understand the opportunity, use TDAM's resources to help develop a strategy and potentially become a leader in the segment.

The Women Investors Paradox

  • In this webinar replay learn why advisors need to incorporate behavioural finance into their service models.


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